Poland’s only professional “multibrand” Shockabsorber Service!

As one of the few in Poland , we own the dynamometric machine to measure shock absorbers damping characteristics, which in conjunction with the vacuum oil filling station provides the highest standard of service and 100 % repetability of our services.
For maintenence or service repairs we use the original tools and parts, provided by shock absorbers manufacturers we cooperate with.

Reiger - serwis partnerski
Tein - dystrybutor i wyłączny serwis w PL
Ohlins - serwis autoryzowany
Proflex - serwis partnerski
BOS Engineering - serwis partnerski
AST suspension - wyłączny serwis i dystrybutor w PL

We also repair and service other brands available on the market :
- D2 Racing, K sport
- HP sporting, Protlum
- Apexi
- KW
- Equipe
- ProComp
- Cobra
- Eibach
- Fox, King
- And many others.

In our services we offer:

- Standard service consists in: restoring the characteristics of the shock absorbers to the factory settings, replacing the oil, seals and re- charging the gas.
- Periodic inspections/revisions , we suggest every 20000 km or two years for the combination of street and every 5000 km of race/rally for high-performance suspension
- All kinds of repairs to restore the full functionality of eg replacement rod , repair adjustment , straightening / welding fittings

If you have any questions – please contact us! ! !