Shock absorbers


Our offer contain shock absorbers of companies such as :

Reiger - serwis partnerski
Tein - dystrybutor i wyłączny serwis w PL
Ohlins - serwis autoryzowany
Proflex - serwis partnerski
BOS Engineering - serwis partnerski
AST suspension - wyłączny serwis i dystrybutor w PL

The products are designed for customers who use their vehicles in motorsport or civilian driving, demanding more from suspension than offered from manufacturers with factory settings.
The offered products are mostly monotube structured shock absorbers – type of dampers in which the oil is separated from the gas / nitrogen / .
Depending on the needs different versions are available, shock absorber with fully adjustable damping force or selected range of tuning characteristics for example, only adjustable rebound at low speeds. While dampers without external adjustment have the ability to change the damping characteristics in full range if requires / always wider than the external adjustment / .
Such changes require modification on the damper valves and are carried out by our service. Height adjustement is a standard option for such kind of suspension.
We execute all projects that require unusual to prepare dampers for individual orders . This type of project is often performed for vehicles designed for high performance off- road.