Welcome to TechRacing.pl

Company TechRacing supports racing drivers and private individuals in the professional preparation of suspensions for cars and motorcycles.

We offer the following services:
- Sale of shock absorbers and suspension kits of top brands
- Shock absorbers service
- Suspension installation
- Sales suspensions components
- Suspension set up by changing the shock absorbers damping forces, and appropriate springs and stabilizers configurations
- Set the car clearance and weights balance with Intercomp weights
- Technical advice
- Designing suspensions for cars built from scratch

We coopreate with companies:

Motor sports are our passion and that is why we want to offer products and services at the highest market level, perfectly suited to our customers. We feel responsible for every result achieved , and we know that it is also our success.

Our team has many years of experience in the design and set up of the suspension . Our favorite and best- known track we are testing on asphalt is Nurburgring Nordschleife . We have the rights to test cars and prototypes on the northern loop during the “’Industrie pool ”, this is the period when the track is used only by car manufacturers drivers. Our knowledge and experience allows us by changing the shock absorbers set up to show the Potential Customer how his Car can perform, and where there are still opportunities to improve the car drive ability and customize them to his preference and driving style .

Our services are also dedicated to the owners of civilian cars who think that the suspension characteristics on their car does not fit or are not suitable for road they drive through and wanted to change it.