Shock absorber service

We have been tuning suspensions and servicing shock absorber since the beginning of our activity. As a multi-brand service, we are licensed by all major manufacturers of sports and tuning shock absorbers to perform all types of repair, inspection and modification services.

We use original parts and specialistic tools. We have a dynamometer for testing the damping characteristics of shock absorbers, which in combination with a vacuum oil filling station ensures the highest standard of service and 100% repeatability of our services.

Our service station offers:

  • Standard servicing, which includes restoring the characteristics of shock absorbers to factory settings, oil change, seal replacement and gas refilling.
  • Periodic inspections, suggested every 20,000 km or 2 years for street sets and every 5,000 km or OS for highperformance suspensions
  • Special repairs restoring full functionality, including replacement of piston rods, repair of controls, straightening/welding of fittings
  • We manufacture prototypes shock absorbers adapted to special projects according to customer requirements