The modern training program conducted by experienced instructors enjoys recognition among many leading companies in the world. The combination of theory and practice results in effective classes where trainees gladly engage in exercises.

Training - Systems Engineering

The scope of training covers the broad area of systems engineering and facilitates the understanding of fundamental issues related to it. Our specialists help to understand the philosophy of requirements engineering, describe the differences resulting from different methods of implementing projects (iterative, “spontaneous”) and engage participants to activate systems thinking.

Training - modern tools

Specialized practitioners prepare a new team of engineers to work with modern tools. Complicated and expensive programs are an investment that cannot be wasted. Quick and effective use of tools accelerates the development of the company and increases its potential.
Training includes both project management programs and tools directly used for signal processing.

Training - vehicle dynamics and suspension systems

The team of practitioners with many years of experience conducts training in the field of suspension design, its applications and modeling. We adapt the training program to the client’s requirements and needs. Individual chassis components and their impact on vehicle behavior are part of separate training segments, which can also be integrated into a one-day training session.

Training - shock absorbers

The construction and types of suspension vibration dampers such as shock absorbers, their advantages and disadvantages along with the impact on vehicle behavior are the subject of a series of trainings designed for groups with basic engineering knowledge as well as for an advanced group of trainees. During the training session, trainees will explore even the smallest aspects related to tuning shock absorbers, both towards achieving the highest comfort as well as improving traction and driving confidence.

Training - effective driving

Our original program of individual car driving training is intended for experienced drivers who need to better understand the dynamics of the car. The main purpose of the training is to draw attention to the various aspects of the suspension’s operation and their impact on vehicle handling and stability. Classes are conducted at our company facility or if the client requires on any track or road section.